The Boyd Research Group is developing materials for the photocatalytic purification of water.  Very simply put, we utilize ultraviolet light to activate a photocatalytic material that removes contaminants from water.  We have worked with contaminants ranging from heavy metals to bacteria and algal toxins.  Students working on these projects learn both analytical and physical chemistry techniques, and are also exposed to the rapidly expanding area of materials development on the nanometer scale.  We use titanium dioxide (also found in commercial products like toothpaste, powdered sugar donuts, and latex paint) as our photocatalyst and adhere it firmly to acrylic plastic support materials.  Undergraduate students in the Boyd group have secured one US patent, published 8 peer reviewed publications, written two invited book chapters, authored and defended 10 undergraduate research theses, and presented at numerous national and regional conferences all over the country.



Boyd Group researchers usually start in a spring semester with literature research and background-development work.  The bulk of the research is usually done in the following summer during a full-time summer research fellowship.  The ensuing fall and spring semesters are spent finishing up experimental “loose ends”, writing up the work in thesis and publishable forms, and presenting the work both on and off campus.  Boyd group alumni have generally gone on to graduate programs in chemistry and biochemistry, and have used their undergraduate research and presentation experience as an important stepping stone to their graduate school success.


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