Who Can Enroll?

Students currently enrolled at Erskine, students from other colleges/universities, and high-school graduates eligible for admission need simply complete and return the application and pre-registration form in this bulletin by June 5, 2017.

Students who are currently enrolled at another college must submit their application and pre-registration form along with written permission from their institution to attend the Erskine College Summer Session.

College students wishing to transfer to Erskine with the expectation of continuing in the fall term must file a formal application for admission with the Director of Admissions in addition to returning the application and pre-registration form in this bulletin.

Uncertain about your admission status?  Please contact the Office of Admissions at (864) 379-8838.


Classes Begin     Monday, June 5
Drop/Add Day    Tuesday, June 6
Holiday                       Tuesday, July 4
Final Examinations     Friday, July 14


Course Time Credit Hrs. Instructor
AR 250–Art History I: The World, Paleolithic through Medieval Online 3 K. Boyd
AT 317–Nutrition Counseling Online 3 Major
BA 221–Principles of Econ: Macro Online 3 Huber
AT 402–Physiology of Exercise Online 3 Kroskie
AT 417–Exercise and Weight Control Online 3 Kroskie
BA 222–Principles of Econ: Micro Online 3 Huber
BA 259–Introduction to Management Information Systems Online 3 Henrichs
BA 334–Principles of Marketing Online 3 McCurry
BA 335–Consumer Behavior Online 3 McCurry
BR 125–Old Testament Literature & Interpretation Online 3 Makujina
BR-126–New Testament Literature & Interpretation Online 3 Makujina
CH 214–Organic Chemistry I Online 3 Hayden
HS 101–World Civ. to 1600 Online 3 Uhall
HS 102–World Civ. since 1600 Online 3 Uhall
MA 205 –Elementary Statistics Online 3 Gorka
PL 201–Introduction to Philosophy Online 3 Reiter
PO 101–American Government Online 3 Woodiwiss
PO 105–Contemporary Global Issues Online 3 Woodiwiss
PY 405–History and Systems of Psychology Online 3 Van Scoy


Course and College Policies

Full descriptions of the courses offered in the Summer Session, as well as College information and regulations, are given in the College Catalog and on the Erskine web site (www.erskine.edu).

A student may earn up to eight semester hours of college credit in the Summer Session.  The College reserves the right to cancel any course for which the registration is below six students.  Therefore, pre-registration is important.


Fees & Refunds

Tuition, per credit hour:     $360                       
Room (6 weeks):    $475 (Current Erskine students)
Declining-Balance Meal Plan:   $425
$950 (All other students)
All fees are due and payable May 1.  Books and other supplies may be purchased at the Erskine Campus Shop.

If a student withdraws within 6 days, tuition (–$50.00) will be refunded; if the student withdraws after that point (for providential reasons), tuition may be refunded on a pro rata basis (up to the mid-point of the term).  Room fee is non-refundable after the first day.  No refund for tuition, room or fees will be made to the student who is asked to withdraw for academic or disciplinary reasons.  Meal plan is not intended to cover all meals during session.


Contacting Erskine

Registrar’s Office     (864) 379-8773

Admissions Office  (864) 379-8838
E-mail  admissions@erskine.edu

Campus Shop (Bookstore)  (864) 379-8846