Erskine College gives work-eligible students opportunities to be employed at many diverse jobs either on campus in various positions or off campus in community service-related positions. The Erskine College Employment Opportunities List gives students the option to select potential job positions.

The Student Employment Opportunities List can be accessed by clicking here (opens in GoogleDrive)

The process listed below must be followed in order for eligible students to be approved for a work study position.

  1. Students must be eligible for the Federal College Work Study Program or the Erskine Work Program before they will be considered for employment. (To determine if you are eligible, contact the Financial Aid Office at 864-379-8832.)
  2. Eligible students must procure a Work Agreement from the Work Study Coordinator, located in the Financial Aid Office, Belk Hall, Room 201.
  3. The Work Agreement must be presented to the prospective supervisor during the interview.
  4. If the student is
    (a) hired, the student must have the supervisor sign the Work Agreement and then return all documents to the Work Study Coordinator for approval to work.OR(b) not hired, he/she may interview with other supervisors who have job positions available.
  5. Work Study Coordinator will then determine if the student needs additional forms before he/she can be placed on the work study payroll (i.e., I-9 form, state and federal withholding forms, etc.).To complete the I-9 Form students will need to bring their original unexpired documents(s).Click for a list of acceptable documents.
    Erskine College participates in E-Verify.
  6. The student will then be eligible to work and receive wages up to the amount listed on the Work-Study Agreement. If you reach your award amount stop working, any work over your award is considered voluntary and you will not be paid.
  7. If the student is hired, he/she is responsible for reading the Work Study Manual.

Click on the link below to view the Work Study Manual:
Work Study Manual

(The Work Study Manual is .pdf file which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader)

To contact us:

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