Parents and Family, we are elated that you are a part of our Erskine College family!

We have been faithfully praying for your family and your student and all that they will experience in the four years under the towers of Erskine College. From move-in day in August to graduation in May, we feel blessed to call you and your family part of our own. We are constantly thoughtful about how to best serve you as the family of an Erskine student, trying to put in place support systems and resources for you as you support your student from afar. We believe that Erskine is the ideal place for your student to learn and to develop into the person they will become; hopefully these are the best years in your child’s life, and we want you to be a part of that. So, dig in! Erskine is full of rich history and tradition, but it is also full of amazing people who are making the world a better place today.

As a parent or family member you have the opportunity to register as a member of the Parent and Family Association and participate in our Parent Advisory Council, which is the governing body of the Parent and Family Association. Please continue to be prayerful about your role in your student’s Erskine experience and the possibility of being meaningfully engaged through Parent and Family Association and Parent Advisory Council. We also want to be connected with you on a regular basis. Connect with us via our private Facebook group that is just for parents and families, follow us on Twitter (@LifeAtErskine) and Instagram (@ErskineCampusLife). We want to hear from you! You know your student better than anyone. Let us know what you need or innovative ideas that you have.

Student Services staff members are here for you! We know that it is so exciting to see your child thrive and embark on this journey of academic excellence; but we also realize that it is extremely difficult to let them go. Rest assured that there is no better place than Erskine College for your son or daughter to grow.


Ways to be Connected:

  • Follow @LifeAtErskine on twitter
  • Erskine College Parent Facebook group:
    Contact Trent Payne at to confirm your student is currently enrolled at Erskine College. Provide him with the email address affiliated with your Facebook account and he will automatically invite you to join the Erskine College Facebook group. This is a private group and thus cannot be joined by simply searching the group in the Facebook search.

Ways to be involved: