Write Here Center

The Write Here Center at Erskine College exists to provide proofreading services for all college and seminary students. Students who understand how to express their thoughts and ideas through writing experience more academic success, earn better grades, and have improved opportunities to gain more insight from their courses. The skilled student readers in the Write Here Center can read your drafts for focus, purpose, organization, development, critical response, voice, diction, syntax, documentation, and mechanics. Come by our conveniently located Watkins Students Center location and take advantage of this valuable service. Better writing does equal better grades. Let us help!


WHC (located in Watkins Student Center)
Regular Hours Will Resume in September


Student Readers:
Rachel Barham
Alex Butler
Sally Caldwell
Kaitlin Craton
Sarah Curfman
Clara Formby
Elinor Griffin
Jennifer Jennings
Blake Little
Alex Mooneyhan
David Kennedy Nelson