1. Believes in and adheres to the basic doctrines of evangelical Christianity, biblical inerrancy, and Statement of Philosophy of Christian Higher Education as stated in the ARP Manual of Authorities and Duties.
      Definition of Evangelical Christian
      Statement of Philosophy of Christian Higher Education
    2. Understands that service on the Board of Trustees requires the highest ethical and moral standards and a significant commitment of time and energy over a sustained period.
      Trustee Profile
    3. Values the mission statement of the Institution, the history of the Institution, and the relationship between the Institution and the ARP Church.
      Mission Statements
    4. Understands and appreciates the value of an accredited Christian liberal arts education and the importance of academic freedom and integrity to the success of the educational mission.
    5. Displays depth of experience and proven success in at least one or more areas useful in the service to the Institution including, but not limited to:
a. Education and academic affairs
b. Christian ministry or theology
c. Fiscal and business matters
d. Scientific research or medicine
e. Legal and/or governmental affairs
f. Human resources and/or personnel management
g. Development, marketing, and philanthropic work
h. Strategic planning and organizational leadership in the marketplace, church, and/or home
  1. Advances the mission of the Institution by contributing financially to its support on an annual basis as they are able, by assisting to identify other sources of support, and by securing gifts from such sources.
    Statement of Trustee Responsibilities
  2. Demonstrates a record of visionary leadership, the ability to articulate his or her point of view, an appreciation of others’ views, the ability to build consensus among peers, and the ability to help implement decisions as they are reached.
  3. Understands the fiduciary relationship between a Trustee and an Institution, guards against actual and potential conflicts, and sets aside personal interests to act in the best interests of the Institution.
    Conflict of Interest Policy
    To submit the name of a candidate for consideration, please contact the Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trustees in the President’s Office at 864-379-8833.

To learn more about the process for seating future members of Erskine’s Board of Trustees, please contact Erskine’s Vice-President for Advancement at 864-379-8772.