Why does Erskine need Trustees?

The General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church appoints a Board of Trustees for Erskine to hold physical and academic assets as well as its philosophy of Christian higher education “in trust.” The Board of Trustees ensures that people, facilities, and policies are in place to fulfill Erskine’s mission.

The Board of Trustees governs Erskine; nurtures and enhances Erskine’s legacy; and represents and advocates for Erskine in surrounding business, professional, religious, and government communities.

How does the Committee on Nominations find future Trustees for Erskine?

The ARP’s Committee on Nominations and Erskine’s Board depend on friends of Erskine like you to recommend gifted candidates for future Board service. If you know someone from your church, your community, your business, or other relationships blessed with skills, qualities, and/or resources that match expectations for Erskine trustees, please share the name of this potential candidate. Contact the Assistant Secretary of Erskine’s Board of Trustees in the President’s Office at 864-379-8833.

What are the expectations for Trustees?

Erskine Trustees are expected to physically attend Board meetings on campus in Due West, SC, on a quarterly basis for a five-year term. Board members are assigned to one or more committees, where much of the work of the Board is accomplished.

For more information on what makes an effective trustee, click here.

How do I recommend a candidate for Trustee?

To submit a name of a potential candidate for consideration, contact the President’s Office at 864-379- 8833. In response, you will receive a request for a letter of recommendation with guidelines for writing the letter.

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What happens after I recommend a candidate?

Representatives from the Committee on Nominations and Erskine’s Board of Trustees work together to appraise recommended candidates who meet criteria found in the ARP’s Manual of Authorities and Duties and Erskine’s Bylaws and fulfill current needs described by Erskine’s Board. Members from the Committee on Nominations contact selected candidates to determine their interest and availability for service. Appraised, interested candidates are asked to provide affirmations and other materials so their names can be placed in nomination for appointment by the General Synod. Recommendations for non-appointed candidates remain in the selection database for five years for future consideration.

If my recommendation leads to a nomination,
what will the nominee need to provide?

As described in its Manual of Authorities and Duties, the General Synod requires candidates who are nominated for appointment to Erskine’s Board to provide information about their views and beliefs. The Erskine Bylaws requires incoming board members to complete a Conflict of Interest statement.

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For further information about the Erskine Trustee Selection Process, please review the following:

Trustee Selection Process Guide

To learn more about the process for seating future members of Erskine’s Board of Trustees, please contact Erskine’s Vice-President for Advancement at 864-379-8772.