Candidates nominated to General Synod of the ARP Church for appointment will be asked to complete the following:

  1. Affirmation of Willingness to Serve
  2. Affirmation of Evangelical Christian Beliefs
  3. Doctrinal Commitments Questionnaire
    (Note:   The Questionnaire’s function is to stimulate discussion and aid in assessing compatibility with the commitments of the General Synod rather than to qualify or disqualify any candidate.) 
  4. Affirmation of Philosophy of Christian Higher Education
  5. Role of Trustee Question
    To transfer to the General Synod’s website for the documents listed above, please click here.Nominated candidates will also be asked to complete the following:
  6. Conflict of Interest Statement

To learn more about the process for seating future members of Erskine’s Board of Trustees, please contact Erskine’s Vice-President for Advancement at 864-379-8772.