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Are you fascinated by the question, Why? Why do we call some beliefs certain and others probable? Why are some thoughts logical and others illogical? Is that the same as true and false?


If you are drawn to questions of logic, metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology, a major or minor in philosophy may be perfect for you.


The Philosophy program seeks to provide courses that allow for the discovery and discussion of central issues of biblical studies, faith, and ethics. Following Erskine’s distinctively Christian liberal arts tradition, the philosophy major relates the Christian faith and the message of the Gospel to contemporary thought and life while exploring the relationships between the study of religion and philosophy to other academic disciplines.


Students of Philosophy can expect to grow as whole persons as they develop an awareness of other religious traditions, learn better oral and written communication skills, reason and write critically, and become aware of their own special assets and limitations.


Graduates from the philosophy program are well equipped to enter law school or graduate schools in many fields. Many philosophy majors from Erskine College make the transition to Erskine Theological Seminary.


The minor in Philosophy complements almost any major, rounding out a student’s intellectual growth and ability to communicate.


David D. Reiter

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Professor of Philosophy B.A. Covenant College, M.A.R.  Westminster Seminary, Ph.D.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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