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Erskine’s philosophy program examines the Western philosophical tradition and explores its relationship to a Christian worldview. You will engage the major problems and concerns of philosophy, including the existence of God, the basis and limits of knowledge, the purpose of human existence, and the standards for human conduct.

Your studies will foster skills in logical and critical thinking, and will encourage open-mindedness, patience, and attentiveness to evidence. A philosophy minor equips you to enter law school or graduate school. Many of Erskine College’s philosophy minors have continued their studies at Erskine Theological Seminary.

Degree Details

As a philosophy minor, you will study and discuss the great figures of the Western philosophical tradition. Classes will explore key issues in metaphysics (the nature of reality and being), epistemology (the science of knowledge), aesthetics (the nature of beauty), ethics, and politics. Special attention is given to the relationship between Philosophy and Christian faith, and to how philosophy intersects with other academic disciplines.

You will study a range of topics, which may include classes in Logic, History of Western Philosophy, both Ancient Political Philosophy and Modern Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Christian Apologetics.


David D. Reiter

Professor of Philosophy

Professor of Philosophy B.A. Covenant College, M.A.R.  Westminster Seminary, Ph.D.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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