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Dear friends,
Can you recall what you were doing one month ago—before our world changed so dramatically? On March 6, Erskine had already developed plans for use in case the COVID-19 situation escalated. Little did we realize that those plans would be put into action only a week later.

Erskine’s faculty and staff have been amazing in adapting to a completely online instruction model in a weekend’s time, and our students have responded to drastic upheaval in their lives with grace and resilience. Some students have found it necessary to remain on campus, but most have returned home to complete the semester. We look forward to the day when many students fill this beautiful place with activity, laughter, and joy once again.

To our knowledge, none of the Erskine family has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and for this blessing we are thankful. The financial pain of this pandemic, however, has most certainly affected some of our students and their families.

For example, some of our students have told us they have taken on full-time or nearly full-time work to help with family expenses because their parents have been laid off during the crisis. A number of our international students face costly and complicated situations.

In order to address the concerns of our students with compassion, we have established an Emergency Bridge Fund to assist students experiencing special financial hardships as a result of the worldwide economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Many of you may be dealing with you own financial and health difficulties right now, but if you are able to contribute to the Emergency Bridge Fund, would you send a gift as soon as possible? In doing so, you will:

  • help pay remaining balances so those in need can continue their education in the fall
  • assist students who need summer courses but whose families can no longer afford the cost
  • allow students to continue their education in the fall by offering extra financial aid
  • help cover miscellaneous storage expenses for students who live in locked-down areas of the U.S. or other countries and are unable to return to campus and retrieve their belongings
  • assist other students experiencing hardships resulting from this crisis

We will use 100% of funds raised to provide help to students in need. Any extra money over and above these needs will be used to keep the tuition as affordable as possible this fall.

We cannot adequately express to you our gratitude for your partnership in this effort. Any gift, in any amount, will be appreciated and used for student assistance.

You may contribute online by clicking the give now button below: 

You may also contribute by sending checks made payable to: Erskine College for the Emergency Bridge Fund

Erskine College Advancement Office
Post Office Box 338
Due West, SC 29639.

With kind regards,

J. Paul Bell
Vice President for Advancement & Alumni Relations

P. S. Please note that to facilitate generous contributions, the IRS will allow a deduction for gifts up to $300 even if you do not plan to itemize.

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