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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Erskine College is empowered to establish policies and educational programs and to manage all properties and funds.


Rev. Clint Davis, Chair

Mr. Michael Whitehurst, Vice Chair

Dr. Alan Broyles, Secretary

Mr. Christian Habeger, Treasurer, Vice President for Finance and Operations/CFO

Mrs. Polly Jones, Assistant Secretary


Dr. J.R. Augustine

Mr. C.L. Bethea

Rev. C.H. Davis

Rev. J.A. Hunt

Mr. P.W. Malphrus

Dr. A.J. Broyles

Mr. Marshall Davis III

Rev. Stacey Cox

Mr. R.G. McDonald

Rev. L.A. Shelnutt

Dr. John Bouwkamp

Rev. Alexander Campbell

Ms. Margaret Kiser

Rev. Andrew Shoger

Mrs. Kelly Sims

Mr. Michael Whitehurst

Advisory Members

Mr. Rob Roy McGregor III

Mr. Herb Jordan

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