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The WebTMA Service Request system is available to use when making requests for maintenance/repairs, custodial, grounds maintenance, and meeting setups at Erskine College. Click HERE to make a request.

When the need for service arises, please click on the accompanying icon indicating the WebTMA Service Request link. Clicking on this icon will lead you to the Service Request page. Simply fill out the required fields in red and submit. We will then receive the request and process your work order. Each request is evaluated and approved or rejected. If the service request is approved a work order will be generated. If the request is rejected, a response will be sent requesting more information and provide an explanation for rejection. Please remember to check the “notify me” box so you will receive an email response indicating that we have received your request. You will also receive a second email when your request has been accepted and a work order has been created. We will make every effort to address your request in a timely and professional manner. One of our staff members may contact you should it become necessary to facilitate your request. Please use this simple process whenever you require the service of the facilities department.

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