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Anna Brady

Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University; Ph.D., Utah State University


Dr. Anna Brady has worked extensively with people with disabilities of all ages in educational, recreational, and home-based settings. Prior to joining the Erskine faculty, she taught at Utah State University and Northern Illinois University.

Research Interests

Dr. Brady’s research interests include applied behavior analysis, special education students’ transition to adulthood, and supporting families of individuals with disabilities. She was a contributing author to the sibling chapters in Joni and Friend’s book, Real Families, Real Needs: A Compassionate Guide for Families Living with Disability.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Dr. Brady enjoys spending time outdoors hiking with her friends and with her faithful canine, Daisy Mae.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Marsack-Topolewski, C. N., & Brady, A. (2020). Experiences of family caregivers of individuals with IDDs and dementia. Journal for ReATTACH Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 3(1):54-64. 
  • Martin, M., & Brady, A. (2020). Meeting the needs of all students in online coursework through universal design for learning framework. Teacher Education Journal of South Carolina. 
  • Brady, A., Burke, M., Landon, T., & Oertle, K. (2019). Siblings of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Their perspectives on guardianship and the alternatives. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 1–10.
  • Ahlers, K., Gabrielsen, T. P., Ellzey, A., Brady, A., Litchford, A., Fox, J., … & Carbone, P. S. (2019). A Pilot Project Using Pediatricians as Initial Diagnosticians in Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluations for Young Children. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 40(1), 1-11.
  • Hoffmann, A. N., Brady, A. M., Paskins, R. T., & Sellers, T. P. (2018). Using pictures depicting app icons to conduct an MSWO preference assessment on a tablet device. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 11(3) 1-8.
  • Paskins, R.T., Brady, A.M., Schultz, J.C. (2018). Applied interventions in college settings to assist adult students with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review of the literature. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling. 49(3)39-45.
  • Brady, A., Christensen, K., & Holt, J. (2017). The changing view of physical recreation for people with disabilities in the USA: Now a more inclusive perspective. Review of Disability Studies, 13(2), 3-17.
  • AhlersK., GabrielsenT., Lewis, D., BradyA., & LitchfordA. (2017). Supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder in understanding and coping with complex social emotional issues. School Psychology International, 38(6), 587-607. (Invited submission)
  • Van Laarhoven, T.,Van Laarhoven-Myers, T., Cancio, E., & Brady, A. (2011, February). Lights, camera, action—Part II: The use of video-based supports and iPods in employment settings. APSE Connections, 1-2. (Invited submission)
  • Van Laarhoven, T., Van Laarhoven-Myers, T., Cancio, E., & Brady, A. (2011, January). Lights, camera, action—Part I: The use of video-based supports and iPods in employment settings. APSE Connections, 1-2. (Invited submission)


Telephone: 864-379-8771
Location: Erskine Building: 116

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