The Board of Trustees of Erskine College and Seminary is empowered to establish policies and educational programs and to manage all properties and funds.


The Rev. W.S. Cain Chairman
Mr. R.G. McDonald III Vice-Chairman
The Rev. H.M. Bolin Secretary
Dr. P.D. Kooistra President
Dr. N. B. Christie Senior VP for Academic Affairs
Mr. G. W. Haselden Treasurer, Senior VP for Finance and Facilities
Mrs. Dena S. Hodge Assistant Secretary


Mr. J.A. Arnold
The Rev. H.M. Bolin
The Rev. W.S. Cain
The Rev. F.S. Carr
Mr. K.L. Connor
Mr. Rory Crawford
Dr. D.C. Cunningham
Dr. J.T. Hellams, Jr.
Mr. S.S. James
The Rev. M.V. Lawing
The Rev. J.A. Loughner
Mr. R.G. McDonald III
Dr. M.I. McDowell
Mrs. Dody B. Morris
The Rev. M.A. Nance
The Rev. A.K. Putnam
The Rev. C.W. Reynolds
Mrs. Mary T. Rucker
The Rev. Andrew Savill
Mrs. Lisa R. Senn
Dr. G.S. Suits
Mrs. Ann Marie Tribble
Mr. Ron Vigus
Rev. P. A. Waid
Dr. H.H. Welch

Ex Officio Members

Mr. L.W. Littlejohn
Mr. S.S. Southwell