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Academic Rigor

As the oldest church-related liberal arts college in the South, Erskine prizes academic rigor and Christian authenticity. Our graduates lead companies, influence professional fields, and make their mark on our culture in many other ways.

They have also been extremely successful in entering medical, law, and Ph.D. programs. In fact, nearly 100% of students who apply for graduate, medical, pharmacy, or law school are accepted into the programs of their choice. Just as important, Erskine enjoys one of the highest graduate school completion rates in the nation.

This is the result of the Erskine experience, which includes first-rate students, individual attention from professors, customized programs to suit individual strengths and goals, and an interactive learning model that unites academic excellence and personal values.

And because we believe intelligence is best served by a broader worldview, Erskine students are encouraged to reach out to neighboring communities, colleges, and countries through mission, college exchange, and study abroad programs.


Tom Hellams

Interim President

Interim President A.A., Anderson College; A.B., Erskine College; M.A., M.Div, D.Min., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Profile Dr. Tom Hellams is the interim president of Erskine College and Theological Seminary. Before…

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