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Erskine Marketing & Communications

The Communications team works to advance Erskine’s competitive position in the higher education marketplace. We identify and strengthen Erskine’s brand position through coordinated implementation of a college-wide marketing plan that includes advertising, internal communications, media relations, publications, public relations and web presence.

Communications provides professional consultation and resources designed to assist the communications and marketing efforts of Erskine programs and departments.

You can reach Erskine Communications by email at


Brand Guidelines and Logos

Erskine College & Theological Seminary Brand guides

Erskine College Logos

Erskine Theological Seminary Logos

Erskine Flying Fleet Brand Guidelines

Fleet Logos

Policies and Procedures

Marketing and Communications Policy

Social Media Policy

News Submissions

If you wish to send us information about a potential story for our news site, please include at least the following information:

  1. WHO is involved: give us name, hometown, contact information, and, if the person is a student, class year and major.
  2. WHAT happened or what was done: if someone attended a conference, for example, include clear information about it or a link to the conference website.
  3. WHEN the event occurred or is scheduled to occur: if you are requesting that we cover the story—and this will not always be possible—provide advance notice.
  4. PHOTOS or information about who has photos: for the purposes of the news site, an image to go with the text is essential.
  5. CONTACT Joyce Guyette, Director of Communications and Media Relations to submit information for a potential new story at

Erskine Print

From this site you can order printed products like stationery, note cards, business cards, and more.

Please fill out the corresponding forms to place your order. Allow at least 2 weeks for delivery of most orders once your order has been confirmed.


Business Card Order Form

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Stationary Order Form

Name Tag Order Form

Marketing and Communications

Kayli Hibbard

Director of Marketing and Bowie Arts Center

Director of Marketing and Bowie Arts Center B.F.A, Greensboro College


Joyce Guyette

Director of Communications and Media Relations

Director of Communications and Media Relations B.A., M.A., Florida State University


Ian P. Harris

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager  


Brianne Holmes

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Marketing and Communications Coordinator B.A., Anderson University; M.A., Eastern Carolina University

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