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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (S.I.)?

An out-of-class review session that covers up-to-date class discussions, lectures and content for select courses. SI covers test preparation, note-taking, and appropriate academic study skills.

When does S.I. meet?

SI is regularly scheduled with at least 2 sessions per course per week. Times vary according to student needs.

Where is it held?

Every attempt is made to hold SI sessions in or near the classroom in which the course is taught. Schedule for Fall 2018

Who is involved?

SI leaders are students who have previously attended the course and know the professor. SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, and read all assigned material.

Why is S.I. important?

Research data indicates that students who regularly attend SI earn higher course grades and test scores. SI sessions are collaborative in nature and encourage interaction and discussion. Every student is encouraged to attend SI for classes in which they are enrolled. The sessions are free of charge.

The Write Here Center

The Write Here Center

The Write Here Center at Erskine College exists to provide proofreading services for all college and seminary students. Students who understand how to express their thoughts and ideas through writing experience more academic success, earn better grades, and have improved opportunities to gain more insight from their courses. The skilled student readers in the Write Here Center can read your drafts for focuspurposeorganizationdevelopmentcritical responsevoicedictionsyntaxdocumentation, and mechanics. Stop by our conveniently located Watkins Students Center location and take advantage of this valuable service. Better writing does equal better grades. Let us help! WHC (located in Watkins Student Center)


The Write Here Center is open during the regular semester according to the following schedule:

Sunday: 8-10 pm

Monday – Thursday: 9-11 am, 3-5 pm, and 6-10 pm

The Write Here Center does not operate during exams, holidays, breaks, or during the summer.


Resources that might be helpful for college writers

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