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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (S.I.)?

An out-of-class review session that covers up-to-date class discussions, lectures and content for select courses. SI covers test preparation, note-taking, and appropriate academic study skills.

When does S.I. meet?

SI is regularly scheduled with at least 2 sessions per course per week. Times vary according to student needs.

Where is it held?

Every attempt is made to hold SI sessions in or near the classroom in which the course is taught. Scroll down to see the full list of classes, locations, and times.

Who is involved?

SI leaders are students who have previously attended the course and know the professor. SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, and read all assigned material.

Why is S.I. important?

Research data indicates that students who regularly attend SI earn higher course grades and test scores. SI sessions are collaborative in nature and encourage interaction and discussion. Every student is encouraged to attend SI for classes in which they are enrolled. The sessions are free of charge.

Supplemental Instruction
Fall 2022ClassSI LeaderRoomDays/Times
BA 251 McAlisterAccounting IReilly GobinEB 321Wed and Thur 8-9p
BG 101 SimpsonGeneral BiologyMaddy RogersDMSC 150Sun 7-8p
BG 110 BrownleeConcepts of Cel. BiologyJensen ButtonDMSC 150Tues and Thur 8-9p
BG 110 NelsenConcepts of Cel. BiologyMadison Clayton DMSC 150Sun and Tues 8-9p
BG 201 NelsenMicrobiologyKelsey TysonDMSC 148 Mon and Thur 9-10p
BG 210 MinaAnatomy & Phy ILaney GastonDMSC 123 Tues and Thur 8-9p
BR 125 SchwabOld TestamentAnnaleah GilreathBelk 101 Mon and Thur 9-10p
BR 125 EvansOld TestamentRebecca ClaxtonBelk 303 Tues at 8-9p and Thur at 7-8p
BR 125 SmithOld TestamentGabriel CollierBelk 305Tues and Thur 8-9p
BR 125 ReiterOld TestamentCarly EganMM 111Sun 8-9p and Wed 9-10p
BR 126 SmithNew TestamentGabriel CollierBelk 305Tues and Thur 9-10p
CH 101 BoydChemical Prin. IJack VogenitzDMSC 148 Tue and Thur 8-9p
CH 101 HaydenChemical Prin. INoah LinDMSC 250 Mon and Wed 9-10p
CH 105 PfirmanConcepts in Chem. Megan TheesDMSC 148Sun 6-7p and Wed 7-8p
CH 214 HaydenOrganic Chem IAriel BishopDMSC 250Mon 8-9pm and Wed 1:30- 2:20p
EN 102 ChristieComp and LiteratureAllie CarterEB 321Tues and Thurs 7-8p
EN 102 SchottComp and LiteratureVanessa HarshawBelk 103 Mon and Wed 7-8p
GL 101 CampbellGeologyElliott MattixDMSC 148Tues and Thurs 7-8p
HS 102 BrivioWorld Civ since 1600Marissa PossenriedeEB 311Mon and Wed 7-8p
HS 101 GressangWorld Civ since 1600David WilkieEB 311Tue and Thur 8-9p
HS 105 Abu SarahContemp. Global IssuesSharon GeorgeEB 309Sun 7-8p and Thur 8-9p
HS 105 HarrisContemp. Global IssuesSharon GeorgeEB 309Mon and Thur 9-10p
MA 101 TimmsPre-CalculusKylie MckeanMM 111Mon and Wed 7-8p
MA 107 AbaloCollege MathGreyson MarloweMM 120Mon and Thur 9-10p
MA 107 WhiteCollege MathHayden HarrisonMM 212Tues and Thur 9-10p
MA 141 AbaloCalculus 1Dante GarridoMM 212 Tues and Thur 8-9p
MA 141 WhiteCalculus 1Morgan DuttonMM 111Mon and Thur 9-10p
MA 205 GorkaStatsNeal BlankEB 208Sun 8-9p and Wed/Thur 8-9p
MU 112 TimmsChoraleersJonathan ClaxtonChoral Room Mon and Thur 9-10p
PH 106 MichonovaAstronomyHunter GodboltDMSC 205 Tues and Thurs 8-9p
PH 110 MichonovaPhysicsMichael MoscatelliDMSC 250Sun and Thur 8-9p
PO 101 CawveyAmerican GovernmentRobert LewisEB 321 Sun and Wed 7-8p
PO 101 JoubenAmerican GovernmentKatherine ThompsonEB 308Mon and Wed 8-9p
PO 113 CawveyInternational RelationsLogan DevlinMcCain library long roomTues and Thurs 7-8p
PO 113 Jouben Intro to Intern'l RelationsLizzie NavalEB 309Mon and Wed 8-9p
PY 201 Van ScoyGeneral PsychologyAmanda WallaceMM 212Sun and Wed 7-9p
PY 201 MidcalfGeneral PsychologyAmanda WallaceMM 212 Sun and Wed 7-9p
PY 310 MidcalfPsy StatsNeal BlankEB 208Sun 9-10p and Wed/Thur 9-10p


Jeanne Bell

Executive Assistant, Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction

Executive Assistant, Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction A.B., Erskine College; M.A., Appalachian State University


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