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Political Science

Political Science

In Erskine’s political science program, you will examine American government, international politics, comparative politics, and political philosophy. Your studies will lay a foundation for your future, whether you wish to enter graduate school or the workplace.

A degree in political science prepares you for careers in government, public affairs, or private and non-profit sectors that require knowledge of government and politics. You will also have the knowledge and skills to pursue law school or graduate studies in politics, government, or related fields such as public policy and public administration.

Degree Details

In your studies, you will explore how politics relates to history, culture, economics, geography, and social systems. This holistic approach to political science will help you understand current political events within their historical and social contexts. You will also examine the relationship between Christianity and politics and address the real-life challenges of building just and peaceful political communities.

You will enjoy a variety of courses, such as American Political Thought, Ethics and Foreign Policy, European Politics, Christian Political Thought, Constitutional Law, Ancient Political Philosophy, and Modern Political Philosophy.


Matthew Cawvey

Assistant Professor of Political Science
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