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Social Studies

Social Studies

The Social Studies major at Erskine College gives you a well-rounded view of history, geography, and the social sciences, and can prepare you to teach at the secondary education level. If you want to pursue a teaching certification in social studies, you can take a combination of classes in the humanities and education, which will help you develop the skills necessary for the classroom.

Degree Details

In addition to history classes, you will study economics, political science, sociology, and psychology to complete a social studies major. Courses include studies in American, European, and World History; Historical Skills and Methods; American Government; General Psychology; Sociology; Microeconomics; and Macroeconomics. This combination of humanities classes will give you the critical thinking skills to assist you in your future career.

If you plan to teach social studies, you will complete a minor in secondary education alongside the social studies major in order to learn the essential teacher-student interaction skills and techniques for the classroom necessary for you to pursue a career in teaching at the middle-school and high-school level.

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