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Erskine Service Award

The Erskine Alumni Association’s Honors and Awards program is designed to give recognition to alumni and friends of the college and seminary for their outstanding accomplishments in a variety of areas. Please feel free to make nominations for any of these awards if you know someone who is deserving.

Service Leadership Award: this award recognizes those who have given faithful service as volunteers to Erskine.

Erskine Service Award Recipients

YearAward Recipient
1985Miss Jane Gurney
1985Miss Eunice Byers
1985Mr. R. Brice Carson
1985Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Reames
1986Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Dale
1986(Margaret Ware)
1986Miss Kathryn Galloway
1986Mrs. Helen Hill (friend)
1986Dr. James M. Plaxco
1987Mr. Marvin M. Ashley
1987Mr. Moffatt G. Long
1987Miss Carrie May McElroy
1987Mrs. Sara McGill Oille
1987Mrs. Lib Buzhardt Smith
1988Held until 1989
1989Dr. Walter Bonner
1989Mrs. Elizabeth McGill Gamble
1989Dr. and Mrs. “Nick” Hopkins
1989(June Williamson)
1989Mrs. Anne White Leith
1989Mrs. Cornelia Wright Walker
1990Mr. John M. Galloway
1990Mrs. Edith Todd Pursley
1990Mrs. Sarah Hopkins Sullivan
1990Miss Julia Wylie
1991Dr. and Mrs. Dixon C. Cunningham
1991(Dody Mauldin)
1991Mrs. Harriett Kibler Moore
1991Mr. Crawford Pearson
1991Mrs. Eva Spears Pratt
1991Mr. Henry L. Snead, Jr.
1991Mr. David Strock
1992Mr. and Mrs. John G. Creel
1992(Anita Burke)
1992Mr. W. Gordon Garrett
1992Dr. and Mrs. John Miller Grier
1992Dr. and Mrs. John C. McGill
1992(Mabel Hamilton)
1992Mrs. Sadie Carson Williams
1993Dr. and Mrs. L. M. Allison
1993Rachel Patteron (SS)
1993Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Ewart
1993(Marj- friend)
1993Mr. W. Wates Keller
1993Mrs. Susan Williamson Richardson
1993Mr. Robert M. Wallace, Jr.
1994Mr. Hugh E. Henry
1994Mr. and Mrs. Fentress F. Huffman
1994(Elizabeth Chisolm)
1994Dr. and Mrs. Hazel H. Long
1994(Belle Smith)
1994Mr. Robert H. Gettys
1995Mr. and Mrs. John M. Alexander
1995(Anne Whitesides)
1995Mrs. Elizabeth Bessinger
1995Mrs. Jean Pressly McBride
1995Mr. and Mrs. Andy Sullivan
1995(Randy King)
1996Mrs. Margaret Kennedy Blakely
1996Dr. Sanita L. Savage
1996Mrs. Sandra Lockaby Gettys
1997Mrs. Jean Lesslie Bakley
1997Mrs. Laurie S. Brice (friend)
1997Mr. C. Jan Westmoreland
1998Non given
1999Dr. Charles L. Moffatt
1999Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Safrit
1999(Hope Mills)
1999Mrs. Mary Lauderdale Sorrells
2000Mrs. JoEtta Ezell Shick
2000Mr. Dana Blackhurst
2000Dr. Jason B. Dees
2000William and Susan Robinson Wylie
2001John and Mary Anderson Hunter
2001Mrs. Lyn Boyte Greene
2001The Rev. Gerald R. Hallman
2001Dr. C. Earl Linderman
2002Mrs. Sarah Wightman Brice
2002Mr. Talmadge P. Callison
2002Mr. Robert W. Miller
2003Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Black
2003(Kathy Beeks)
2003Mrs. Rachel Grier Hood
2003Mrs. Lucille Bailey Patrick
2004Miss Jane Shelton Dale
2004Mr. Joseph H. Shere
2005Mrs. Carolyn Griffith Allen
2005Mr. Alexander Orr V
2005Mr. R. Leonard Price
2005Mrs. Linda Young Price
2006The Honorable Samuel J. Tenenbaum (friend)
2006Mr. Orion H. “Butch” Sain, Jr.
2007Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cover (friend) (Lauren Mullinax)
2007Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Clarke, Jr. (Honorary ) (Beth Sloan)
2008Mr. Conrad P. Shuler
2008Mr. Trip McGill
2008Rev. Charles L. Mitchell
2008Mrs. Mary Alice Moore Mitchell
2009Mrs. Martha Abernethy Long
2009Mr. R. Monty Wooley
2010Mr. H. Vardon Cox
2010Rev. Dr. Dwight L. Pearson
2010Rev. R. Edward Spencer
2011Lisa Senn
2012Richard H. Haldeman
2013Mary Lou Whitesides Pearson ’66
2014Nan Sherer Campbell
2014Dr. J. Allen Derrick
2015William M. Frampton IV
2016Dr. Paul Kooistra
2017Dixon Cunningham
2017Dody Mauldin Cunningham
2019Dr. Jo Ann Griffith ’56


Chmielecki, Luisa

Advancement Administrative Assistant

Jeanne Bell

Administrative Assistant for Alumni Relations,Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction

Administrative Assistant for Alumni Relations Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction

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