The Erskine Alumni Association’s Honors and Awards program is designed to give recognition to alumni and friends of the college and seminary for their outstanding accomplishments in a variety of areas. Please feel free to make nominations for any of these awards if you know someone who is deserving.

The Alumni Distinguished Service Award: the most prestigious of all the awards given by the alumni association, the Alumni Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding service to church, community, profession, and to Erskine over the span of one’s lifetime.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

1958 William Hood Stuart
1959 Francis Ebenezer Grier
1962 Robert Calvin Grier
D. G. “Dode” Phillips
1967 Everette Sloan and Ann Pressly Sloan
1970 James Patterson Pressly
1971 Jean Wood Todd
1972 Hugh Chisolm Dale
1973 Sarah Hopkins Sullivan
1974 James Dixon Lesslie, Jr.
1975 Thomas Selden Watt
1976 Joseph Howard Patrick, Sr.
1977 Robert Witherspoon Miller
1978 William Chamber “Red” Myers
1979 Moffatt Grier Long
1980 Mae Todd Moore
1981 Elisabeth Chisolm Huffman
1982 Jane Blakely Jennings
1983 “Tum” and “Totsy” Lesesne
1984 J. M. Plaxco
1985 Ralph W. Drake
1986 Martha Abernethy Long
1987 Jack and Anne Whitesides Alexander
1988 Lloyd H. Wilkerson
1989 D. Patterson Craig
1990 James H. and Betty Henry Young
1991 Mary E. McDill
1992 John and Mary Hunter
1993 Winnie Morrison Phillips
1994 Frank and Margaret Hunt
1995 William B. Patrick, Jr.
1996 L. M. “Dill” and Rachel Allison
1997 Gordon G. Parkinson
1998-99 Henry L. Sneed, Jr.
William L. Pressly
2000 John M. Galloway
2001 John T. Moore
2002 Dot Simpson Wise
2003 P. Cleburne McClary III
2004 William J. Ranson
2005 D. Parker Young
2006 John Charles McGill
2007 Thomas W. Myers
2008 Joe and Kathy Black
2009 Cliff N. Wallace
2010 Dr. John Miller Grier
2011 Lowry Ware
2012 Eleanor Chesnut Richardson
2013 Randall T. Ruble ’58 — Martha Grant Ruble ’60
2014 Dr. Joab Mauldin “Joe” Lesesne, Jr.
2015 Dr. Richard G. Taylor, Jr.
2016 Dr. Clifton Earl Linderman
2016 Harriet Elizabeth Smith Linderman
2017 Rev. Howard Max Bolin
2017 Cynthia Coulter Bolin
2019 Joseph “Chip” Sherer