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We’re back after a longer than intended absence (beta) goes live

Erskine’s long-running e-newsletter NetNews went offline in the summer of 2011 to undergo an overhaul. Many of our friends and followers have asked what happened and when NetNews will return.

Now, emerges the new source for news and information about Erskine College. While the intended go-live target to coincide with the opening of school slipped by, is now up and running. We have added content that fills in some of the gaps from over the summer and the first few weeks of school.

Why the change? Rather than publishing through email only once a week, the new format allows us to be more responsive to events and provides more flexibility for you as a viewer. During this Beta phase we plan to add functionality that will make this site even better. We may even experiment with some options to see how they work. Please pardon any minor inconveniences you may experience while we work to improve the information and the way we provide it.

While we work to enhance, please let us know what you think of the new format and share your ideas of how we can improve it.


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