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Erskine Seminary announces Third Annual Girardeau Lectures now online

Bowie Chapel window, pipesThe Third Annual Girardeau Lectures, given March 11-12 by the Rev. Leon Brown, pastor of Crown and Joy Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Richmond, Virginia, are now available online in an audio format.

Brown’s lectures were entitled “The Great Commission: ‘Don’t Forsake the Context'” and “The New Covenant: Three Words Make the Difference.”

Erskine Theological Seminary and First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C., hosted the lectures, named in honor of John Lafayette Girardeau (1825-1898), whose extensive pastoral and educational ministry among the slave population in Charleston developed many African American leaders for the Church.

Girardeau stood against segregation in the Southern Presbyterian Church during Reconstruction and became one of the South’s leading theologians and educators. While a student at Columbia Seminary from 1845 to 1848 he attended First Presbyterian Church, and in 1875 returned to Columbia after pastoring in Charleston. As Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology in the Seminary, Girardeau supplied the pulpit of first Presbyterian Church.





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