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Is it appealing to imagine writing computer programs, creating solutions to real-world problems using math, or helping kids learn to love math too? If you enjoy the precision and beauty of mathematics, you may want to be one of the people who live to find solutions.

The mathematics department at Erskine College seeks to help students increase their problem solving skills and abstract reasoning ability in order to prepare them for a rapidly changing society.

Erskine’s Mathematics Department includes a pure mathematics track and a Teachers’ Certification Program. The pure track prepares students for graduate-level studies in mathematics as well as careers in engineering, information science, business, law, and research.

The Teachers’ Certification Program prepares students to teach Math classes at the middle and high school level, where qualified math teachers are in high demand. A minor in Education is required for this track.

Recent graduates with a degree in mathematics have gone on to graduate schools in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Philosophy, and even Youth Ministry. Some work in industry, teach math in high schools, use their skills in the Armed Forces, or practice law. One even became a musician.


Art Gorka

Professor of Mathematics

Professor of Mathematics M.Sc., Nicolaus Copernicus University; Ph.D., Clemson University


Kokou Yano Abalo

Dr. & Mrs. James Rogers Young Professor of Mathematics

Dr. And Mrs. James Rogers Young Professor of Mathematics B.S., College Protestant; M.S., Kharkov State University; M.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Clemson University


Catherine White

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Presbyterian College; M.S., Ph.D., Clemson University


Amy Timms

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics A.B., Erskine College, MAT, Winthrop University  

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