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Honorary Alumni

The Alumni Association enjoys the privilege of inducting select non-alumni into the association.  Those persons chosen for this honor must have given greatly of themselves in support of Erskine.

Honorary Alumni Association Members

YearMember Name
2020Reba Stille
2019Howard & Penny Thomas
2013Joseph H. Patrick, Jr.
2012Margaret Cubine
2012Randy Estep
2011Robert Galloway
2010Rev. Dr. Douglas A. Bowling
2010Dr. Hans G. Engler
2010Mrs. Shirley Ranson
2009Dr. William F. Junkin III
2008Mr. Ronald E. Sineway
2008Mr. Ralph D. Lundy Sr.
2008Mr. Francis M. McCullough
2007Mr. John Henry “Junior” McClain
2007Dr. Robert W. Todd
2006Mr. Randy Moore
2005Mr. Welch Bostick
2005Dr. Emmett I. Davis
2005Mrs. Dot J. Carter
2004Mr. Hillard H. Allen
2004Mr. Phil Phillips
2004Mrs. Linda Chesnut
2003Mrs. Michael T. Patrick
2003Mr. and Mrs. William McCoy
2003Dr. W. H. F. Kuykendall
2002Dr. Charles H. Carlisle
2002Mrs. Kate M. Dimmitt
2002Dr. Henry G. Hollingsworth
2001Mr. and Mrs. Don (Gloria) Johnson
2001Dr. E. Kate Stewart
2001Miss L. Crosland Stewart
2001Miss S. Ann Hawthorne
2000Mrs. John C. Blythe
2000Mrs. Lila L. Long
2000Mrs. Joseph H. Patrick
2000Dr. Harry Stille
1999Mr. Richard H. Haldeman
1999Miss Shirley Lampton
1999Dr. and Mrs. James W. Strobel
1999Mrs. Margaret Nickles Bell
1999Mrs. Charles M. Bell
1999Dr. Dennis Erickson
1999Dr. Nancy Erickson
1998Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Hutchison
1998Mr. Robert L. Moultrie
1998Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Shannon
1997Mrs. Evelyn L. Grader
1997Mr. J. W. C. McKay, Jr.
1996Mr. Wiley Blanton
1996Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dove
1995Mrs. Margaret H. Brice
1995Dr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Koonts
1994Mr. George E. Greene III
1994Miss Lucy Anne McCluer
1994Mr. Fred D. West, Jr.
1993Mrs. Marjorie Ewart
1993Mrs. Marj Grier
1993Mr. and Mrs. T. DuRant Taylor
1992Mrs. Gloria B. Bell
1992Mrs. Lucille H. Latimer
1992Mrs. Elaine Wightman
1991Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Catt
1991Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. McCalla
1991Dr. and Mrs. Tunis Romein
1990Mr. and Mrs. John Banks
1990Mrs. Helen Hill
1990Mrs. Isabel Parkinson
1989Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Armstrong
1989Mrs. J. N. Bonner
1989Dr. and Mrs. John A McAllister
1988Dr. and Mrs. William M. Frampton
1988Dr. James E. McDonald
1988Mr. and Mrs. J. Watt Weir
1987Dr. H. Elliott Batson
1987Mr. and Mrs. Felix Bauer
1987Mr. William H. Stuart
1986Miss Frances Livingston Cardwell
1986Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Stukes


Paul Bell

Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations A.B., Erskine College; M.A., Appalachian State University


Luisa Chmielecki

Coordinator of Advancement Services

Coordinator of Advancement Services B.S., Eastern Connecticut State University


Jeanne Bell

Executive Assistant, Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction

Executive Assistant, Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction A.B., Erskine College; M.A., Appalachian State University


Hope Seymour

Coordinator of Alumni Relations

Coordinator of Alumni Relations A.B., Erskine College Profile Hope Seymour graduated from Erskine College in May 2019 with a B.A. in History. As a student, she sang in the Choraleers and…

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