Elementary Education

Teaching influences the next generation like no other career. Can you think of specific teachers who helped shape your world? Join Erskine’s Department of Education and become one of those who make a difference.

The education faculty at Erskine care deeply about their students and seek to cultivate in them the same care for children. At Erskine, we believe teaching is not a mechanical process but a skilled craft you learn by practice and mentoring. Professors get to know each student very well on an individual basis to enable them to cultivate the skills necessary to become a great teacher.

Education majors at Erskine spend more time in active classrooms than students in most other education programs, helping them to find out if teaching is their calling and preparing them to walk out of Erskine and into their first classroom. Graduates consistently report being well prepared for their first year of teaching.

The Elementary Education major prepares students for certification to teach Grades 2-6 in South Carolina public schools. Erskine’s Education program prepares teacher education candidates to assume professional positions as certified teachers in public schools in South Carolina.

The Teacher Education Program is accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the SC State Board of Education.