Communication is a far-reaching and integral aspect of life. Communicating well is vital to every career. The English program at Erskine College helps graduates achieve success in advanced graduate or professional schools and realize a lifetime of meaningful work.

A student can focus on any one of four areas of interest: writing, literature, theater or English education.

An emphasis in writing prepares students for fields such as journalism, advertising, public relations, and marketing.

A focus on literature prepares students for careers in law, government, library science, middle and high school teaching, counseling, and ministry.

An emphasis in theater develops a student’s skills in acting, public speaking, critical reasoning, and corporate communication.

Finally, the English education program prepares students for careers in teaching middle school and high school, and has sent graduates to teach in places as nearby as Georgia and as far away as Guatemala. This track requires a minor in Education.

Recent Erskine graduates from the English major have entered successful careers in a wide variety of fields including law school, publishing, performing arts, seminary, and teaching English as a foreign language.