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Music Education

Music Education K-12

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education

If you want to make a difference in the classroom through music, Erskine’s Bachelor of Science in Music Education major is the perfect fit. This degree combines both musical training and educational preparation for students who want to be certified music educators in K-12 music classrooms.

Degree Details

You may choose an emphasis in either choral or instrumental studies. Both tracks include training in choral and instrumental pedagogy alongside foundational classes in general education, including courses in human growth and development and teaching exceptional children. You will also prepare a recital in your chosen field during your junior or senior year.

In addition to fulfilling all state-mandated curricular requirements for the music education certification, the Erskine program provides you with opportunities to partner with music education students from other institutions. You will also gain hands-on experience through your courses and through student teaching.


Sharalynn Hicks

Assistant Professor of Music

Deborah Caldwell

Assistant Professor of Music

Keith Timms

Associate Professor of Music
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