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Scholarships and Student Awards

Making Music at Erskine

Erskine College awards music scholarships to both majors and non-majors.

You do not need to major or minor in music to receive a music scholarship, but the conditions of the scholarship will require you to continue taking applied music lessons and to participate in an Erskine faculty-directed ensemble. You should plan to audition as early as possible during your senior year of high school. Award amounts may vary.    

Awards (No Additional Audition Required)  

Erskine Arts Award ($5,000) – In addition to the above Music Scholarships, high school students who have been selected for All-State ensembles will be named Erskine Arts Fellows. They will receive $5,000 scholarships to continue to use their musical gifts in the Music Department’s student ensembles. No additional audition required. Students who receive the Erskine Arts Award may audition to receive additional scholarship monies as noted above.   

To apply please fill out the Music Scholarship Form.

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