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Nothing touches the soul quite like music! Whether you want to conduct, perform, or simply enjoy making music by participating in ensembles throughout your time at Erskine, the Music Department offers the tools and expertise to achieve that goal.

Combined with a strong liberal arts curriculum, the Department of Music offers applied study in piano, organ, and voice, as well as in wind, string, and percussion instruments. Erskine’s undergraduate music program prepares students to enter professional study in Performance, Church Music, or Music Education

Many Erskine students studying in other fields enjoy the music minor, which offers either a concentration in a particular performance skill or a general music track

All students, whether they are music majors, minors, or non-majors, are invited to take applied music or audition for ensembles. The music faculty at Erskine College are committed to equipping students with musical skills to be used for a career or a lifetime of enjoyment.

Explore the music department:


Keith Timms

Associate Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities, Professor Music Education, Department Chair, Conducting Choral Methods

Susan Collins

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Accompanist, Performance Seminar, Elementary Music Methods

Abraham Marsh

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Strings and Brass

Heidi McKee

Adjunct Instructor Of Music (Strings)

Kory Vrieze

Adjunct Instructor Of Music (Winds, Performance Seminar)

Bill Diekhoff

Adjunct Instructor of Music (voice)

Lucie Svatonova

Adjunct Instructor of Music - Voice, Diction, Vocal Pedagogy, Performace Seminar, Music History and Music Theory (voice, diction, vocal pedagogy)

Lyman Golden

Adjunct Instructor of Music (classical and jazz guitar, electric bass)

Deborah Caldwell

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Studies, Applied Brass, Brass Methods, Music Theory, Aural Skills

Jean Ellen Linkins

Adjust Instructor of Music, Introduction to Music

Hannah Timms

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Introduction to Music Research and Criticism

Sharalynn Hicks

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music – Applied and Class Piano, Principal Collaborative Pianist, Fundamentals, Performance Seminar
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