Research is the best way that we know of to truly learn what it means to be a scientist.  Laboratory and field research is where you actually CONNECT the things you learn in the classroom with the real world.  Doing undergraduate research and communicating your results takes you from being a student of chemistry to being a chemist.  That is a truly transformational process!

In the Department of Chemistry at Erskine, your research project will be just that–YOUR research project.  Undergraduate research is an important part of our program (see our individual research group pages for more information); but research, just like everything else that we do, is STUDENT-focused.  Your research is not designed to help a grad student get a degree or a faculty member get tenure.  Erskine student research is about developing skills as a scientist and advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge a bit along the way, and that is just the way we like it.

Undergraduate research opportunities exist outside of our campus community as well, and we encourage our students to participate in a summer research internship off campus at some point during their college career.  In recent years, Erskine chemistry majors have done summer research at The University of Mississippi, Vanderbilt, The University of South Carolina, and Clemson University just to name a few.

On campus or off; during the summer, or during the semester; undergraduate research experience is a very important part of the career preparation for our graduates.


Undergraduate research groups in the Department of Chemistry at Erskine

Dr. Howard Thomas–GC analysis of gas-solid interactions.

Dr. Tiffany Hayden–Ionic Liquids

Dr. Joel Boyd–Photocatalytic materials