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Here at Erskine, the Biology Department seeks to help students better grasp the world we live in through furthering their understanding of the biological sciences. A major in biology emphasizes discovery, scientific thinking, and the skills needed for a career or further study.

Two concentrations are available.

A major in Biology with an emphasis in Biomedical Science (BS-Biomed) is designed for students who plan to seek advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacology, or pharmacy, and careers in biomedical research, forensic science, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, or molecular biology.

A major in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology, Environmental Science, and Wildlife Biology (BS-EEW) is designed for students seeking to work or pursue graduate studies in conservation biology, ecology, zoology, botany, wildlife management, or environmental science.

Erskine’s Department of Biology has a history of successfully placing graduates in professional, medical, and graduate programs ranging from medicine and human genetics to environmental law and toxicology.

Other graduates directly enter competitive job markets, pursuing such careers as veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, genetic technology, and management.


Janice Haldeman

Professor Emerita  of Biology

Professor Emerita of Biology B.S., Rollins College; M.A., George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Clemson University


Al Mina

Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Biology B.S. Clemson University, M.D. Medical University of South Carolina


Matthew Campbell

Associate Professor of Biology B.S., College of William and Mary; M.S., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Ph.D., Indiana University


Naoma Nelsen

Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Southwest Missouri State University; M.S., Texas A & M University; Ph.D., Clemson University


Stephan Miller

Visiting Professor of Biology

Visiting Professor of Biology B.S., SUNY at Stony Brook; M.S., SUNY at Albany; Ph.D., Dartmouth College

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