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Prepare to take off on your Erskine College experience.

S.O.A.R. helps you get your college career off to a smooth start. You’ll have some fun, spend time getting to know your classmates, and take care of some details that will make it a lot easier and more convenient when it’s time to move in.

It’s like a 24-hour trial run at college life.

The Foundation:

The #1 factor in your college success is making meaningful connections early on. Obviously, we want you to win at college. But at Erskine we also want you to win at life. S.O.A.R. gets you ready and focused on three Student Development core values.


The Fun: 

  • Start connecting with classmates… maybe find a roommate!
  • Get a one-night running start on life in the residence hall, your home for the next few years.
  • Get your room assignment – maybe call dibs on ‘your side.’
  • Enjoy great food!

The Forms:

S.O.A.R. is the easiest way to deal with all the details so they’re out of the way (like your student ID, medical and housing paperwork, pre-registration, etc.). Please complete these forms prior to S.O.A.R.:

  1. Medical Exam Form
    (This one you’ll need to download, print, complete, and bring with you.
    Without it, you can’t move into the hall in August!)
  2. Roommate Questionnaire
    (This is how we know who needs a housing assignment. You submit this one online.)
  3. Room/Bed Preference
    (So your room is set up to your preference when you get here. Also online.)

This is the registration form for S.O.A.R. Please fill out all fields. Once you click submit, you will be redirected to the payment page. Registration will not be complete until we have received your payment of $25.

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